Sever Features & Informations

Hello ladies and gentlemen
This is a mid to low rate server Starts with 70x till level 60 then it goes slower for a long-term server that you enjoy playing it for months or even years
We have a handwritten drop rate to fit the server experience
We are working as hard as we can to provide a project that will make your free time enjoyable
We are running on 2019 engine with few features disabled (No demon gong nor hanin mirror)
We aware of corruption and the PvP balance that kills most servers nowadays

---------- New features ----------

- G55 armor recolor with bonus stats

- Upgradeable pets with quests

- New selfmade pimp system for Armor,Weapon and Accessories (No qigong)

- New main city

- Motivational Daily & Repeatable Quests

- Simple and fair donation shop (Normal players can obtain everything added to it by quests and few things that you will discover in-game)

- Reworked some classes skills to make sure that no more useless characters and every character will have benefit to the parties later on (Such as UG and MA)

- We have changed Tournaments rewards it give valuable items now

- New tournament was added (Party versus party and 1 versus 1) it will be held manually on tuesday and friday 17:00 PM /servertime notice will appear 16:30 PM (Huge reward for the 1st and 2nd place)

- Weapon craft system for high grade weapons (will add a poll later)

- Unique Rewards from the vote system

- Removed [Hot key] so generals and botters don't abuse it

- [Key party] We have added valuable items to boxes so its fun for people who like key parties

- Lottery system with unique items

- Upgradeable skills books (100% working with real stats)

- Skills effects

Beta phase date will be announced in the next days

We are giving rewards for bugs-finders - Depends on the bug (If found)

Wriple Kal-Online team